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When we take your orders we do our best to leave you satisfied and to fulfill the order in the best way.

In some cases the company reserves the right to replace flowers or goods.

It is explained by the fact that some flowers are seasonal.

For example in case of absence of a specific flower in a bouquet we can replace it by the one of similar price or we can replace a color without breaking the range of colors of the bouquet.

As a rule we always warn you about the replacement if it is possible.

If the occasion for delivery is a wedding or an anniversary or any other momentous event and we cannot get in touch with you (you answer neither our phone calls nor e-mails) our florists will replace the flowers by the ones of similar cost or even exceeding the cost of your order.

Since we make deliveries worldwide the florists in different countries can have their own style of design of bouquets taking into account the peculiarities of their country. That is why the design of the bouquets can be a little different from the ones presented on the site.

The cakes are presented on the site as an example and they can vary in different countries and cities.

We try our best to fit the cake to the composition and pastry presented in the description.

The toys are presented on the site as an example as well and can vary in different regions.

Meanwhile it is always important for us to do our job efficiently and to provide you with the best delivery option.

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